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We know you’ve tried other gyms, workout programs, and the like in your lifetime. You’re hesitant - and concerned - that this might just be another start and stop affair, and you’re unsure about committing to yet another fitness program only to waste hundreds of dollars—again.

At the same time, the stress of wanting more for yourself coupled with a lack of certainty about what to actually do to get there is also costing you a great deal.  We get it - because we've been there too - and that’s why we start you with a FREE WEEK to experience the Stoked Athletics difference.

 1-on-1 Assessment & Goal-Setting Session to strategize your success plan

 Personal Orientation to help you hit the ground running with your training

 Up to 3 Small Group Personal Training Sessions with a training program designed for YOU and YOUR GOALS

 Up to 3 Stoked Sweat Classes to boost energy and improve your cardio

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Our individualized approach to training has worked for hundreds of people over the years, and it can work for you. How can you be sure? Join us for a FREE WEEK and experience the Stoked Athletics difference for yourself!